Animal Control

General Information

The operations at the Animal Shelter are funded by the Cities of Woodhaven and Trenton and by donations from generous people like you.

The main web page for the shelter is housed by the City of Woodhaven, so we are providing general information and links to the essential documents needed to potentially adopt an animal.

The Animal Shelter and Animal Control provides many services for the residents of Woodhaven and Trenton. Many of our services are: pet adoptions, owner surrenders, trapping strays and nuisance animals, volunteering, fundraising and adoption events, educating residents on keeping healthy and happy pets, enforcing all animal related laws and complaints, pet food for residents in need and a vaccine clinic.
Please contact the Animal Shelter for more information on services, fees and any other questions.

Dog and Cat Playing

City Ordinance Reminders

Please remember that ALL dogs and cats within the city of Trenton must be licensed with the city by December 31st of each year. You will need to take proof of rabies shot to the City Clerk's office to purchase your license.

Dogs must wear their license at all times, even while traveling in and out of state.

Please remember that when walking your dog anywhere within the city, even in all parks, that the dog must be on a leash at ALL times. Please be aware that the city has a running at large ordinance for cats. Cats must be contained at all times and are not allowed to run the neighborhoods.

Wildlife Information

Animal Control asks that you become aware that the City does have a large amount of wildlife and we need your help to keep these animals safe.

Things you can do to help the wildlife from being a nuisance are:

    contain all trash in proper closed containers

    keep your outside grills clean of food once you're done cooking

    keep grass, weeds and brush trimmed back and neat

    check your chimney caps and all vents for loose areas

    raise wood piles off the ground at least 6 inches

    keep trees trimmed back from your home and other buildings

    make sure there are no gaps under decks that animals can move in to.

    there are wildlife repellent sprays on the market that can help detour the animals from your property. Moth balls also are a good repellant. Animal Control does have nuisance animal traps for a rental fee.


The Animal Shelter does take donations of all pet foods, blankets, toys, cleaning supplies and other animal related items. Please contact the Animal Shelter for a list of items needed from time to time. If you don't know what to donate, gift cards to our local pet supply companies are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to help the shelter animals become more adoptable please send a check to the Animal Shelter. Checks are to be made out to the City of Woodhaven. Send to: 21860 Van Horn Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183 or stop by the Animal Shelter to drop it off.

Volunteer Program

The Animal Shelter does have a volunteer program. The Animal Shelter Volunteer program is in need of people to help out around the Animal Shelter and also for Adoption events. For more information on the volunteer program, please contact the Animal Shelter at (734)675-4956 Ext. # 2 or email:

Pets for Vets

Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Control has a program to help our veterans, Pets for Vets. It is the goal of the shelter to assist returning veterans with their transition to civilian life. There are studies that show that veterans returning from service suffer from many side-affects including PTSD and depression. Pets can help in many ways both physically and mentally. The shelter has an application that is to be completed by the returning vet which is kept on file until the perfect match between Vet and Pet is made. The animal will be spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and tested. Information for WOOFHAVEN Dog Park will also be included in the adoption packet. Basil's Buddies will also give the new adopter information about the low-cost food bank that is run out of the shelter. If you are a Veteran or may know of one interested in bringing a new member into the family, call the shelter at 734-675-4956 and speak to Animal Control Officer Laura Jensen.


Individuals can adopt dogs, cats and other small animals (when available) during any posted hours. Adoption fees are $100.00. Your new pet will have a Health Record.

For all animals that are unable to be unaltered at the time of adoption, a $50.00 deposit fee will be charged. The adopter will have 30 days to alter the new pet. Once this is completed, the $50.00 deposit fee will be refunded. Michigan State Law requires all animals adopted from Animal Shelter and Rescue Groups to be spayed or neutered.