Pen Pal Program

The City of Trenton’s Recreation Department is introducing a Pen Pal Program this coming November, hoping to connect residents of all ages. As seniors continue to feel the impact of Covid-19 protocols and students are in the process of adjusting to hybrid and virtual school routines, the Pen Pal Program hopes to foster new connections and encourage the tradition of letter writing. Residents of all ages are welcome to take part in this free program. Each month there will be a Pen Pal Prompt posted to the Recreation Department’s Facebook page. For those not using social media, an instructional insert for the following month will be added to every envelope. If you are interested in becoming a Pen Pal, please follow these instructions:

  1. Step One: Write your letter!

November’s Letter Prompts are “What are you thankful for?” and “What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?”

  1. Step Two: Place your letter in an unsealed envelope.

Write your address in the return address area. Leave the main address area blank. Place a stamp on the envelope. Be sure to leave the envelope unsealed so that your letter can be matched.

  1. Step Three: Deposit your stamped and unsealed envelope in the Pen Pal Drop Box

The drop box is located at the Kennedy Recreation Center on West Road. drop boxIt is located just outside of the building, making it easy for you to drive up and insert your envelope in the drop box.

  1. Step Four: The Recreation Department will match you with a Pen Pal

We will review the letters and pair up new friends via the Pen Pal Program and mail out the letters, hopefully starting a new friend connection.

  1. First Mailing Deadline

Please drop your letters off in the Kennedy Drop Box by November 6th to be included in the first Pen Pal Mailing.