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New Fees for the Department of Public Service effective July 1, 2012

At the regular meeting of the Trenton City Council on Monday, June 4, approval was given to the second reading of City Ordinance 764. This Ordinance revised or added new fees to various DPS services. They are as follows:

  • Loader: Ordinance 764 sets the charge for loader pickups of items such as dirt, sod, concrete, concrete blocks, bricks and leaves (outside the normal Fall removal) at $50 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $50.
  • Special and Brush Pick Ups: The fee is $20 per stop. Please call the DPS Office Special Pick up line at 675-5496 to schedule removal of these items and other items too large for the trash carts.
  • Transfer Station: To dispose of residential trash, the fee is $5 per car, van or SUV. $10 per pickup truck and $10 per 8ft (MAX) trailer. The City of Trenton Transfer Station is located at 1801 Van Horn Road. The Transfer Station is for use by Trenton Residents only from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is CLOSED SUNDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY and all city observed holidays.
  • The only acceptable form of identification is a Michigan Drivers License or Michigan Identification Card with a photo ID.
  • Recycling: Recycling at the City's Transfer Station is available in designated dumpsters free of charge for Trenton residents who wish to dispose of newsprint, plastic containers (#1 through #7), clear food grade glass, tin and aluminum cans. Empty paint and aerosol cans, and used motor oil will be accepted for recycling at designated areas. Thank you for helping the environment!



Dept. Contacts

  • Superintendent / Forestry Supervisor
    Jim Wilson
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Motor Vehicle Pool Supervisor
    Steve Moceri
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Sanitation Supervisor
    Ed Weber
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Secretary
    Holly Krawczyk
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Water Supervisor
    Kevin Sargent
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Part Time Clerical
    Tricia Trowbridge
    Phone: (734) 675-8470