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Parks and Recreation Vision and Mission

Parks and Recreation Vision Statement:

"We Create Community through People, Parks and Programs" articulates the vision of Trenton Parks & Recreation Department. Through parks and recreation services, we take an active role in creating community through people; our staff and volunteers who make connections with our residents to improve lives. It is this person-to-person contact that relieves the loneliness of senior citizens, reduces the stress and isolation of working adults and inspires and teaches youth to become productive community members. Through our parks, open space and facilities, we provide relief from urban development, preserve the environment and provide opportunities for recreation through facilities to meet the needs of the community. Our programs and services produce specific benefits for our residents, as well as, being an important means of connecting with residents.

Our vision is therefore based on the belief that through high quality recreation programs, facilities and people, an economically vibrant and dynamic community are created and enhanced.

Parks and Recreation Mission:

The mission or "business" of the department is to provide all citizens of Trenton the highest level of programs, facilities and services that will positively affect our vision of creating community. To effectively "Create Community through People, Parks and Programs" we have broken the Department mission into specific areas. These areas are designed to provide our department staff with direction and guidance for developing and evaluating programs, facilities and services. These mission areas include:

  • Provide Diversified Recreational and Educational Experiences
  • Foster Human Development
  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Strengthen Community Image and Sense of Place
  • Efficiently utilize resources and demonstrate fiscal responsibility
  • Develop and Cultivate Partnerships
  • Support Economic Development
  • Protect environmental resources
  • Develop and empower staff
  • Increase cultural unity
  • Be good stewards of public resources

By taking a customer-driven, outcome oriented and collaborative approach, the Department will continue to play a critical role in maintaining and improving the quality of life for our residents.


Dept. Contacts

  • Director
    Joann Gonyea, CPRP
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Business Ops. Manager
    Tim Beaker
    Phone: (734) 676-7172
  • Facilities Ops. Coordinator
    Nick Taurence
    Phone: (734) 676-7172
  • Senior Citizen Coordinator
    Carol Garrison
    Phone: (734) 675-0063
  • Program Coordinator
    Hannah Wojtala
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Administrative
    Melissa Pruitt
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Administrative
    Alexis Featherston
    Phone: (734) 676-7172