Vote Absentee

Requirements for Absentee Voting

With the recent passage of Proposal 3 in the November 2018 General Election, registered voters can now request an absentee ballot without providing a reason.absentee ballot

Absentee Voter ballots for elections are available in the City Clerk’s Office approximately 6 weeks before an election.

Obtaining an Absentee Ballot

To obtain an Absentee Ballot, a registered voter must first complete a Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application (PDF). After filling out the application in ink, return it to the City Clerk’s Office to receive the ballot for the election.

Join the Automatic Application List

To get an absent voter application mailed to you for every election, contact the City Clerk’s Office. All residents are able to be on the list. Applications for each election are automatically mailed out to voters on the list approximately 8 weeks before an election, providing the voter time to get it back to the Clerk’s Office in a timely manner. The voter needs to sign and return the application and then the Clerk’s office will issue the voter a ballot for the upcoming election.

There are some benefits for a voter to sign up for the Permanent Absent Voter List:

  • You will automatically receive an absentee voter ballot application for all future elections.
  • If you choose to return the application,you will be sent a ballot as soon as they arrive in our office.
  • You are able avoid potentially long lines at the polls.
  • You can take your time studying the ballot, get more informed on the issues, and vote from home when you are ready.

Picking Up an Absentee Ballot in Person

The State of Michigan requires a voter who is receiving his or her own ballot in person at the Clerk’s Office to present a valid photo ID. Valid forms of ID are the same as required at the polls on Election Day and may be any of the following:

  • Driver’s license or personal identification card
  • Federal or state government-issued photo identification
  • U.S. passport
  • Military identification card with photo
  • Student identification from a high school or accredited institution of higher learning with photo
  • Tribal identification with photo

If a voter does not have a valid photo ID, the voter will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he or she is not in possession of a valid ID. If the affidavit is signed, the voter will be issued a ballot.

Picking Up/Returning Ballots

Michigan absentee ballot envelopes have a new look starting in 2020. Ballots will be mailed out in 6" x 9" white envelopes that have a wide blue stripe on them, making them easily identified when delivered.

State of Michigan law does not allow someone to pick up a ballot for someone else. However, an individual can return an application for an absentee ballot on behalf of another person, in this case that ballot will be mailed to the voter, rather than handed out.

When returning an absentee ballot by U.S. Mail, please use the pre-addressed inside envelope provided and place First Class Postage on that envelope.